We at SUTRAN manufacture a very wide rnge of lattices using a host of materials viz knots-free seasoned Hard wood, smooth, strong & stable High Density Laminated compressed wood, highly durable, stable & smooth Aluminium sections, as well as cost effective, impact resistant, light weight hard PVC profiles. Heavy duty Nylon sandwich leather or rubber belting, PVC coated polyster web conveyor belts and various types of Aluminium, Copper or Steel fasteners for different applications.

Product showcase Sutran Poly Plain Lattice Sutran Poly Plain Lattice with Gap Sutran Poly Spiked Lattice Sutran wooden Plain lattice Sutran wooden Pentagon lattice Sutran High Density Laminated Wooden Lattice - 130 Lags Sutran High Density Laminated Wooden Lattice - LMW 98 Lags Sutran High Density Laminated Wooden Lattice - Trumech 54 Lags Sutran Aluminium Lattice Sutran Poly Web Lattice

The lattices manufactured by us are precision crafted & assembled . The load and the resulting stresses therefore are uniformly divided over the complete lattice and the tracking of the lattice is achieved effortlessly. This results in longer trouble free service life giving True Value for Money.



Lags from various materials are machined/extruded in different cross sections, profiles and design (We specialize in manufacturing of lattice made upon request from prototypes and drawings). The lags made from carefully selected and dried seasoned hard wood or high density laminated wood are properly sanded down, these are then varnished and polished to give a smooth surface making cleaning easier while changing batches on the machine. Wooden lags are quite stable and can be used in almost all applications.

Lags made from Aluminium profiles are smooth, anti static and are very durable. These are ideal for high speeds and stressful conditions and are preferred by leading OEM’S.

Lags made from Hard PVC profiles are cost effective, fire retardant, light weight, smooth, anti-static & provide an effective, techno commercially viable substitute of wood and aluminium.


The lags are supported by high Tensile strength Nylon Sandwich leather  belts for dry applications or Nylon Sandwich Rubberized Belts and Multilayer PVC coated Polyster Web Conveyor belts which can withstand wet or damp operations as well as aggressive chemicals used in dying or viscose production.


The lags are fastened to the belts using counter-sunk solid copper or aluminium rivets, mild steel screws or eyelets or high quality machine bolts and  nylock nuts as per customer’s specification, (We maintain sufficient stocks of large diameter, flat head rivets, bolts etc, in various sizes)


The nylon sandwich belting and PVC coated polyster web belts are made endless in our factory by vulcanizing (thermo jointing) method. The welded joint made during the manufacturing process is highly durable and is recommended. Where ever installation is difficult , the lattice can be supplied unjointed , with fastening hooks, a screwed overlapping joint or with Alligator Steel Hinges.


We recommend the use of canvas/fabric to keep the lattice interior clean. The fabric is attached to the inside of Lags using screws and is supported by light weight HDPE or Aluminium strips, so that the material does not build up between the lag and fabric and contaminate the conveyed material.


We use highest quality, uniformly tempered, high carbon steel pins which are galvanized to protect against rusting and corrosion. A few sizes of steel spikes are also available with ball head, which prevent the spikes from being pulled out or being dislodged.

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